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EHR Hosting

Is your EHR slow, always "spinning?" Does it hit a wall after a certain time of day? We feel your pain…and we can help. Our customers who host their EHR systems in the MTSCloud are thrilled by how fast it is. When we say the MTSCloud is FAST, we mean 35% or more FASTER than running it in-house. And the MTSCloud is SAFE – we're the first and only hosting provider to earn EHNAC’s most stringent accreditation, which confirms full HIPAA compliance and more.

MTS is one of only a handful of HIT providers offering a 100% uptime guarantee. 

We know that servers are expensive! We’ll save you time and money by worrying about those, so you can worry about your medical practice. Move your infrastructure to the MTSCloud – built exclusively for the healthcare industry – and avoid the hassle of having to upgrade and maintain your own hardware and software. Pay only for the resources you need, when you need them. Never worry about migration headaches again, we make it simple to switch to and from our Cloud.


Healthcare-centric IT Support and Customer Service

It's true, the market is saturated with IT Support solutions. But few, if any, providers are 100% focused on healthcare the way we are. In healthcare IT, speed is everything. We can resolve issues faster than the competition because WE KNOW HEALTHCARE. And we care about your quality outcomes as much as you do.

We’re all about service. Because our customers’ happiness is a top priority, we regularly take our customers’ pulse to see how we are faring. We’re thrilled with our latest NPS survey results: our customers rate us 63.4. That’s on a par with a little company up North called Apple!

At MTS, all of our clients are assigned a friendly ITCare Manager – an expert in both healthcare and IT – who will manage a team dedicated to caring for your software, storage, computers and data. Join the MTS family – you’ll be happy that you did.



Risk Assessment and Compliance Service

You may have seen other firms that will perform a one-time HIPAA Risk Assessment and call it a day. If you have a team to handle year-round HIPAA compliance, we can handle the Annual Risk Assessment and you can check the box and be done with it. But since most providers aren’t that lucky, MTS offers a comprehensive Risk Assessment and year-round HIPAA Compliance monitoring for one low, fixed rate. With our HIPAACare service, you’ll achieve year-round HIPAA compliance without the year-round overhead. 

Ask for HIPAACare: enjoy peace of mind knowing your organization’s data is safe and secure.


Patient Registration Platform…powered by CuragoHealth

Say goodbye to clipboards and increase patient intake times by up to 90%! You've likely seen registration kiosks in more and more places these days; everywhere from airports to concert venues. We have an outstanding solution to a common healthcare problem: getting patients checked in QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.

The CuragoHealth platform lowers administrative overhead AND provides a better patient experience. Our solution:

  • Is a digital tool that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and requires minimal training
  • Is a time-saver – patients can pre-register for their appointment, either on an iPad configuration located in your waiting room or via a smartphone prior to arriving in your office
  • Is enabled for UDS collection – patients can securely manage and update their personal and insurance information
  • Is intelligently designed to fully integrate with your EHR
  • Puts you in control of customized forms and workflows that fit YOUR practice
  • Handles co-payments and account balances
  • Is multi-lingual
  • Provides appointment reminders and other pertinent notification via text or email – this service alone can cost you upwards of $500/month. With our CareKiosk, it’s included – and there’s NO nickel and diming. 
MTS CareKiosk

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