Everything your IT needs for one monthly fee

Infrastructure Hardware as a Service (HaaS) delivers an environment which is secure, monitored, and optimized daily to your specific needs

Let’s discuss how MTS can help reduce your IT headaches


IT can be a detractor and get in the way of your business. This is especially true when dealing with hardware and all the maintenance it entails. Most healthcare organizations do not have the time or staff to ensure their hardware is properly patched and running at its best. Hardware failure is also a cause of major business interruption and can result in long periods of downtime depending on the support contract an organization has with their vendor.

Worry-Free Service With Full Lifecycle Management

To eliminate surprises and disruptions to your business, every HaaS contract includes a comprehensive set of services to ensure the continued value of your infrastructure across both hardware and services. For as long as you maintain a contract, we will take on the lifecycle management of your infrastructure.

The Hardware You Need

  • We provide the server and all other infrastructure hardware deployed in your offices, in your IT closet or mini data center
  • We include the resolution of future patching and updates recommended by the manufacturer for all infrastructure hardware supplied by MTS
  • We also refresh the hardware every three years. We include the cost of replacing the infrastructure hardware to ensure your business is always up to date, efficient, secure, and compliant

The Services You Need

  • We provide redundant backups to keep your business data safe
  • We perform important maintenance and administrative tasks, such as keeping your Active Directory (AD) up to date and creating and managing access to shared company folders
  • We keep a watchful eye through monitoring and security services. This includes automating key maintenance items, pushing through three levels of security software, deploying updates that have been scheduled after hours, and monitoring all systems for security and health issues.
  • We will also support your individual computers. Resolutions for issues on individual computers is billed hourly, or you can add unlimited user support by subscribing to our optimal support

Around-The-Clock Support

Our support team is available 24x7x365, no matter what. We developed different levels of services to meet the needs of our clients. HaaS incorporates the following:

24x7x365 Monitoring and Response: we always monitor your network to ensure it is performing optimally. When it isn’t, we’ll respond any time of the day or night, all year long, and correct problems to minimize any impact on your business operations.

Patch Management: we perform all ongoing patch management and software updates as outlined in your selected support plan.

MTS Service Desk With SLA: we include experts and tools to troubleshoot problems and ensure your business is able to take advantage of latest advancements in technology and gain a competitive edge. This includes an industry leading service level agreement (SLA), so you can be sure that our service will be of the highest quality.