A complete solution to provide patients with a superior engagement experience

Automate appointment scheduling, check-in procedures, forms completion, post visit documentation, and payments

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Overview of the Platform

The CuragoHealth Platform has been designed specifically for the healthcare industry and provides a simple-to-implement and maintain solution that delivers an engagement experience patients will appreciate. The platform is able to scale from small practices all the way up to hospitals and is ideal for a wide range of providers.

Benefits for Patients

Patients get access to the MyCurago App, which is available on IOS and Android compatible devices. Patients can use their own smart devices or a kiosk provided by the provider in their reception or waiting area. 

Using the application, a patient has access to the following:

  • Schedule appointments and reminders
  • Manage medical records, including contact information, demographics, and employer details
  • Verify insurance information
  • View information about the provider and their services
  • Access forms
  • Sign documents electronically
  • Manage payments and balances