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A comprehensive, flat-rate security service to help you achieve year-round HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAACare Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis


Protect your organization and patients from a potential data breach, achieve HIPAA compliance and never sweat a CMS audit again. Our easy and painless Risk Analysis services are designed to surpass healthcare’s most stringent standards, so you can avoid costly penalties and never have to wonder whether your practice is at risk.


  • Data mapping and analysis to determine what needs to be secured
  • Evaluation of existing administrative, physical, and technical policies and procedures
  • Pen Testing, Risk Analysis, Vulnerability Assessments, Comprehensive Policy and Procedure Recommendations
  • Comprehensive audit-ready security reports that detail vulnerabilities and recommendations
  • A data breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) can cost up to millions of dollars and destroy your practice — contact us today to find out how we can help
HIPAACare Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment


Don’t let system vulnerabilities and problems slow your workflow and add cost. At Med Tech Solutions, we’ll help you get things done safer, quicker and for less money by reviewing your system and optimizing its performance.


  • External Scanning: See an attacker’s view of your public network with external scanning of its internet-facing IP addresses
  • Internal Scanning: Audit internal networks for vulnerabilities, malware, and issues with configuration and compliance
  • Secure both centralized and distributed networks and machines with agentless and agent-based scanning
  • System Master Switch: Control, access and monitor all of your system’s scanners, schedules, policies, results and sharing
  • Satisfy PCI DSS requirements with quarterly external network scans that are certified by our Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)
HIPAACare Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing


Be confident about your system’s ability to withstand a security breach by letting us identify weaknesses that criminals can exploit. Our experts will Penetration Test (Pen Test) your system to assess its ability to detect and respond to attacks. By deliberately trying to exploit your system, we will be able to help your organization evaluate its security policies and compliance status so it will be better armed and prepared to respond to real-life threats. Don’t find out the hard way if your system is at risk!

HIPAACare Threat Detection

24/7 Threat Detection System


Whether you need to protect your data in the Cloud or on your premises, Med Tech Solutions can arm you with an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Vulnerability Assessment services and a team of GIAC security experts to monitor your organization 24/7 and rapidly detect and respond to any incidents.

Save money
Reduce your need to hire, train, manage and keep qualified security professionals on hand. Our HIPAACare service packages include trained GIAC experts, best-practice processes and technologies that work in any datacenter environment and augment your IT team.

Stay updated and informed
Med Tech Solutions can organize, update and monitor your infrastructure, presenting you with a clear understanding of your organization’s system. We’ll make sure it’s always secure, functioning and in compliance. Complete vulnerability scanning of your system allows us to collect and monitor real-time data in your network and computing environment(s), alerting you whenever there’s a critical activity. In addition to real-time network monitoring, we provide comprehensive reports, which include automatic and human analysis and tracking of security posture and trends.

HIPAACare will accommodate the growth of your business. As your assets increase and require more threat management and monitoring, we’ll be able to quickly scale to meet your organization’s needs, providing complete onboarding planning, installation, customization, optimization, and training for an optimal and quick return on your security investment.

Easy to implement and manage
Our technology is designed and built in-house specifically for our managed HIPAACare service solutions. It requires no manual integration of third-party security technologies or management by an outsourcing company.

HIPAACare Policy and Procedure Maintenance

Policy & Procedure


After testing your system for risks and vulnerabilities, we will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing how your organization can strengthen and maintain policies and procedures. To help with implementation of any new administrative protocols, we have experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

HIPAACare comparison
HIPAACare comparison

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