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Staying Compliant

Being in healthcare means you have to adhere to ever increasing mandates and regulations to keep patient information secure. Failure to meet the standards can have a devasting impact on your reputation and ability to provide care services, and is punishable by fines and even jail time. The bigger challenge is to stay compliant in the face of changing regulations, advances in security practices, and evolving threats.


Why Med Tech Solutions (MTS)

Since 2006, we have focused exclusively on the needs of the healthcare industry. By nature, we are security and compliance experts who stay abreast of the industry trends and offer pragmatic advice to meet the needs of healthcare providers, payers, and organizations of any size. It comes down to understanding one’s risk exposure and options to mitigate those risks. We specialize in meeting all your secure IT needs, including:

  • Secure medical records
  • Advanced Information Security (InfoSec) best practices
  • Secure communication and networking
  • Ongoing vulnerability assessment and remediation