MTS FertilityCare™

All-In-One Fertility Specific Business System

All-In-One Fertility Specific Business System

Running a fertility clinic offers a truly special experience by helping patients become parents. The last thought on your mind should be your information technology (IT) and applications. MTS has over 12 years of experience helping healthcare providers make the most of their technology to enable better patient care. We have developed an all-in-one solution specifically designed for Fertility and In-Vitro-Fertility (IVF) clinics.

All-In-One: Incorporates Everything Your Clinic Needs

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Practice Management
  • Billing
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Check-In Kiosk
  • Physician Mobile Application

We Understand the Features You Need to Stay Focused on Patient Care

  • Fully Customizable EHR Designed for Fertility and IVF Patient Care with 2015 ONC Certified Health IT
  • Pre-IVF Check List to Ensure No Details Are Missed
  • Ultrasound Flow Sheet with Ultrasound and Lab Interfaces
  • Check-In Kiosk with Questionnaires to Streamline the Process
  • Mobile Application Designed for Physicians to Speed Up Paperwork
  • Integrated Practice Management and Billing Systems for Ease of Use

Reduce Your Up-Front Costs with a Cloud-Based Solution

Our solution leverages cloud-based applications and services to reduce the need for expensive equipment and capital expenditures. It also simplifies the on-going maintenance and management of your environment.

No Hidden Costs Means No Surprises

Our solutions include a simple to understand contract which incorporates everything you need:

  • All applications and resources
  • Configuration and implementation
  • Scheduled maintenance and updates
  • 24×7 support helpdesk
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

We Customize Each Solution to Your Needs

Below are some screenshots showing various aspects of an EHR customized for a Fertility clinic: