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Picking the Right Cloud


The cloud is now a mainstream term. It has also introduced a very complex set of choices to determine which cloud is best for a given business. Regulated industries such as healthcare have even more considerations with heightened needs for security and compliance. While the public clouds offered by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft offer appealing combinations of features, price, and reach, they also present some significant challenges when running healthcare-centric applications.


Applications That Run 35% Faster With Better Security


MTS has been focused on the healthcare industry since 2006. Over the years, we have found optimal ways to put together a complete solution that is able to consistently deliver an increase in the performance of applications by as much as 35%. Faster environments translate into improved employee productivity and less waiting for patients. We also ensure applications and patient data are better protected against the growing number of security threats.

Features Built for Healthcare 


We all expect technology to just work. When we created the MTSCloud, redundancy and performance were at the top of the must have capabilities. We also ensured the following were built-in:



We are proud to be the only cloud provider in the healthcare industry to have earned EHNAC’s strictest accreditation. We also received independent SSAE-18 verification of our safe practices. This means we are better equipped to protect and secure your data. We also go above and beyond the average cloud provider by using multiple layers of protection to ensure your applications and data are secure 24×7.



Healthcare moves fast, and software needs to keep up. That is why we use all-flash storage to ensure top performance and processing speeds. Benchmark testing shows applications run up to 35 percent faster in our MTSCloud. That translates to many practices seeing 15 more patients per day, creating value for providers and their patients.



Access your desktop and healthcare applications from anywhere on any device — your PC, your MAC, or your tablet. The MTSCloud meets you where you are so you can work whenever and wherever you want.



Building a successful health organization is a tremendous achievement, but it can come with some growing pains. The MTSCloud is built to grow as you do, letting you scale easily and as often as you need.


Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. How fast you get back online could quite literally mean the difference between life and death. We know this, and we take it very seriously. That’s why the MTSCloud is built with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure the most resilient infrastructure for your workloads. This means if you host your applications in the MTSCloud, we can have your organization back online and running again within 4 hours. That’s peace of mind.

We are trusted by over 3,600 providers across the nation, with ePHI records of over 10 million patients.