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The Top 3 Ways Cloud Computing Helps Businesses

October 31, 2017


Cloud computing is getting more and more attention, fulfilling so many needs and simplifying as many processes. If you’ve been on the fence about incorporating the Cloud into your IT infrastructure, we’d like to reinforce a few of the benefits to help you with your decision making.

Cost Efficiency
Let’s face it, when you’re operating a medical practice, cost is a factor in every decision you have to make. Leveraging the Cloud for any of a variety of purposes can help you trim some expenses and make some others stretch a little further. A Cloud setup provides the ability to scale your resources to match your needs, ensuring that you aren’t paying for more than you need. This simplifies your budget, and may help free up some capital to invest in other operational needs.

Multiple Purposes
While the Cloud is most famously associated with storage, it has the capability to serve your organization in other ways, as well. For instance, the Cloud can host your software solutions for you as a part of a Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement. In these cases, any time you make improvements and a new version of the software is available, your solutions will be upgraded immediately.

Alternatively, the Cloud can be used to facilitate a backup and disaster recovery strategy. By housing a backup of your data in an offsite Cloud environment, it will be safe should some calamity damage your in-house infrastructure. In these cases, you can even virtualize your systems and run them directly from the Cloud to preserve productivity while the office is repaired.

Finally, we return to storage, as it relates to the collaborative benefits associated with the Cloud. By storing your organization’s files and data in the Cloud, you and your employees can share access and work together to achieve your shared organizational goals–whether or not you’re anywhere near each other.

Your data is undeniably precious to your organization. As such, it must be protected from threats from all sides, both external cyber crime and internal user error. Using the Cloud permits you to restrict access to your most sensitive data, and, if need be, allows you to wipe a device in the hands of someone who has gained unauthorized access.

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