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Have You Lost Control Of Your Network?

July 24, 2017

Certain tasks are essential to the health of your organization’s network. For example, you need to make sure that you are engaging in regular network management activities. Do you know what this entails?

You depend on your network – without it, your end users wouldn’t be able to make your organization successful. Network issues reduce your employees’ abilities to complete their work, assuming they have enough access to do anything at all. Adding to this stress is the fact that network issues would prevent access to any of your applications that are hosted in the Cloud. If any of these applications are business critical, your operations will not be able to continue.

By properly managing and maintaining your network, including making improvements to the network’s security, these kinds of issues may be avoided.

Network management and maintenance covers a wide variety of activities that your network will require, including:

  • Updates to your operating system, software, and drivers.
  • Regular patches to resolve cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Maintaining the network’s antivirus software.
  • Mitigating hard drive failures through preventative measures.
  • Managing regularly tested backup solutions to protect essential data.

This may seem to be a considerable list, especially considering how many other responsibilities you have that are necessary to maintain operations. Consider, though, that an improperly managed network can swiftly cause an organization to fail.

As an example, let’s consider the downtime that occurs when a network fails for a lengthy period of time. Whether it’s due to a failing piece of network equipment, or another network implement being mishandled or misconfigured, issues like these are more and more likely to occur if a network isn’t managed properly.

You still have an organization to run, so you likely don’t have the time to see that these issues are handled. If this is the case, put your trust in the professionals at MTS. With our remote monitoring and maintenance services, we can make sure that your organization’s network is well managed and protected against external threats, and that an unknown issue isn’t sapping your staff’s productivity. Give us a call today at 877-687-1222.

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