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IT Is Great Until It Does Not Work

We have all experienced the frustrations of IT failing us, from Window’s “blue screen of death” to applications that keep shutting down. The loss of productivity and impact to employee satisfaction can create a negative culture and perception of IT. When IT does not work, it also costs money and can even result in the loss of patients. Most healthcare organizations simply don’t have the internal resources to provide adequate support and often have to work with various vendors to identity the problem and resolve it. This can be exacerbating and take far too long to get a team back up and running at full capacity.

The Benefit of Training

Our Helpdesk extends beyond our call center; we also offer training services to make sure your team can make the most of your IT and applications. Our training offerings include various options, such as on-site sessions in your facilities. We can develop an optimal training plan and get your team ready to use your infrastructure and applications.

  • Web and online training
  • Continuing education
  • Compliance training
  • Self-service tutorials
  • Instructor-led workshops