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IT Is Great Until It Does Not Work

We have all experienced the frustrations of IT failing us, from Window’s “blue screen of death” to applications that keep shutting down. The loss of productivity and impact to employee satisfaction can create a negative culture and perception of IT. When IT does not work, it also costs money and can even result in the loss of patients. Most healthcare organizations simply don’t have the internal resources to provide adequate support and often have to work with various vendors to identity the problem and resolve it. This can be exacerbating and take far too long to get a team back up and running at full capacity.

The Benefit of Training

Our Helpdesk extends beyond our call center; we also offer training services to make sure your team can make the most of your IT and applications. Our training offerings include various options, such as on-site sessions in your facilities. We can develop an optimal training plan and get your team ready to use your infrastructure and applications.

  • Web and online training
  • Continuing education
  • Compliance training
  • Self-service tutorials
  • Instructor-led workshops

Virtual CIO Service

The MTS Virtual CIO service is not designed to replace any existing IT management. Instead, the aim is to partner with your IT department to build a long-term technology plan.

vCio Services infographic

The following vCIO services can be provided as needed:

Technology Strategy Planning

Partnering with the IT team, business units, and other key members of the organization, an MTS vCIO will develop a long-term strategic technology plan that will look to optimize existing technology while introducing new technologies that will allow IT infrastructure to keep pace with growth and new service offerings.


Introduce true business governance with the ultimate intent of stabilizing the core business applications to provide the framework for attaining One Community’s objectives.

  • IT Steering Committee
  • Data Integrity
  • Policy Procedures &
  • Vendor Management
  • Budgets


A vCIO will work with IT, business unit, and management to develop an IT budget. MTS has worked with non-profit organizations for over 8 years and understands the importance of budgeting for current and future IT needs.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

MTS vCIOs have developed many Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. MTS can conduct real-world scenarios to test the organization’s preparedness. Test results are presented to One Community Health’s Leadership and Business Continuity Teams to allow the organization to revise the plan accordingly. MTS can build upon the existing plan or partner to build a new one.

Infrastructure Best Practices

A MTS vCIO can provide guidance on best practices when it comes to infrastructure. The vCIO will then partner with the IT team to incorporate these best practices into our overall strategy and work with the organization to ensure compliance.

Network Growth Management

For many organizations, especially one that is growing, it is critical to ensure that a strategic network growth strategy is in place. As a vCIO, MTS partners with the IT Department, business units, and management to ensure technology infrastructure is ready to meet current and future needs. As the organization looks to expand, add new locations, and introduce new technology, MTS can assess the needs and develop a plan to address.

Person with laptop


Especially in today’s environment, security of your systems and data is critical to safeguard your organization. Security is not just a concern for your IT – it impacts your entire organization. As your vCIO, we partner with your leadership to develop a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to ensure HIPAA compliance across your entire organization.

Clinic Workflow

Partner with IT and clinical teams to map out every aspect of a patient visit to look at ways to improve efficiency and enhance patient care. Introduce new technology and workflow improvements.

Project Management

Overseeing overall project management to ensure adherence to project budget, scope, timeline, prioritization, and alignment to business needs.